Comeback Kid – Die Knowing ★★★★☆

Last year Comeback Kid’s  classic debut album, ‘Turn it Around’ celebrated it’s ten year anniversary since it’s release and the band held shows playing it through start to finish with original vocalist Scott Wade  who departed in 2006 shortly after the release of fan favourite ‘Wake the Dead’. Going back and reliving the old material has definitely helped shape the sound and feel of this new album.

Title track ‘Die Knowing’  opens proceedings and has the feel and structure of an intro as to say a genuine song, whereas ‘Lower the Line’  hits straight off the bat with swift guitar work and ferocious vocals and a very concious and pleasing two step section inbetween verses, should be a great opening on show night. ‘Wasted Arrows’  was the stand out track upon the first few listens with a bouncing beat and gang chants aplenty. Andrew Neufeld screaming the song title over and over in almost a child-like refrain that will be stuck in your head for days. A song spitting with venom from every word.

‘Losing Sleep’  fits in nicely with the rest of the album as a fast paced, high tempo, beatdown driven slab of hardcore that will erupt pits. ‘Should Know Better’,  the first single from the release combines influences from all their albums and fuses them to give you a bit of everything. The band are set apart from a lot of the hardcore pack as they’re not afraid to add melody to their songs which gives a whole new dimension to the songs while still sounding as pissed off as ever. ‘I Depend, I Control’  and ‘Somewhere in this Miserable’  fall a bit flat almost coming across as filler tracks instead of killer. ‘Beyond’  has a skate-punk feel to it and is a fresh addition to this collection, giving the bassline a traditional solo section and chants of ‘Woah-oh-oohh’  makes this another memorable track that illustrates the decision to go back to their roots and create what they love and what made us love them back in the early millenium. Their is a softer element to this powerhouse of an album in the part of ‘Didn’t Even Mind’  slowing down somewhat for a brief rest to let their songwriting do the talking rather than their fast paced ability to lay down some of the best hardcore punk tracks of the last decade.

Touring their debut album last year definitely had a vast affect on the guys as they even welcome back original vocalist Scott Wade  to the vocal booth to lay down his punk-esque delivery on ‘Full Swing’.  This is what a lot of CBK fans have wanted for a long time now and they finally got it. A fitting end (well, one track shy) to an all round great album that shows that going back to your roots can work for the best.