Cold Summer Interview!

videoshot2Yorkshire lads Cold Summer are gaining attention and fast. Their critically acclaimed post-hardcore sound is hard to ignore, and with the recent release of their Self Titled album, and the tour to promote it, these northern boys are going to be shoved in your face, whether you like it or not. We caught up with them ahead of their London show at The Old Blue Last, to have a chat about the album, touring, and London being noisy.


HTS: Can you tell us a little bit about the band?

Justin: Well just from my perspective, I’d played in bands for quite a few years and I’d not really met people that wanted to do it to the level we’re doing it now, like playing as much as you can. I just put out an advertisement, one of our friends replied to it and we started jamming and this is how we found the two Chris’s (bassist Chris Hepworth and guitarist Chris Harrison). At that point we had somebody else singing and we did actually record a demo with him, we played a couple of shows to kind of get going, but things weren’t really working out. People weren’t getting on and that kind of thing so we called it a bit of a day with that vocalist and then we got Dan.

Chris Hepworth: Dan’s the vocalist, but the vocalist before that..we didn’t see eye to eye and I think that is important in a band. There was a lot of tension in the band really, and you can feel it when you’re playing.

Justin: I didn’t get the brunt of it, he seemed to have respect for me. I don’t know if it was because I’m the drummer..he was quite negative towards people and we didn’t want that in the band so as harsh as it sounds we had to start again with somebody else. Everything has been pretty straightforward since then, we’re all on a similar page and we all contribute pretty equally to everything. We’re all into kind of similar bands, not the same but it all comes together really well and it’s a good chemistry!


HTS: Where does the name ‘Cold Summer’ come from?

Chris Harrison: Go on Justin.

Justin: Yeah this is a bit from me really. A few years ago my mum wasn’t so well during summer, and obviously I’ll be honest like the best times of my life have been in the summer. So at that time it was a really cold feeling, but it was summer, so being a bit serious that’s where the band name came from.

Chris Hepsworth: Deep.
Can you tell us about your bands first show?

Dan: The Well, Leeds.

Justin:  We played with a band that are now called ‘Self Defence Family’, they used to be called End of a Year. Basically it’s a long story but the guy that has done our recordings up to now, he’s friends with a few of the guys in that band, they’re from New York and they’re quite a well respected band in like the DIY scene, they’re quite outspoken as well which is funny. We managed to get on that show and it was a band called Aficionado as well who are also from New York, they’ve unfortunately now split up.

Chris Hepsworth: We had some really good shows straight away, we were lucky like that. Justin was quite well known in the music scene around Leeds and Yorkshire.

Justin:  I know a few promoters and things like that and they were more than happy to put us on. They’d heard our demo and even though it was a bit rough at that stage, people could see that there was potential there that the recording didn’t really do justice. So we ended up playing with them as a first show and it was pretty good. Their tour had gone really well, at that point they were releasing stuff so their name was kind of floating about.  A lot of the shows they’d played in England had been quite busy, but this particular one was a bit on the quiet side. There was just no explanation why because they’d played with Touché Amore before Christmas and the place was packed. But we had a really good show and I think as a first show we played pretty tight, especially since we were playing with really experienced bands and musicians, I thought we really held our own with them.

Chris Harrison: And that’s where Marmozets were watching weren’t they?

Justin: No that was a bit later on, we played The Well in Leeds again and we had a few people that we know like Marmozets watching us, they’re quite big now.


HTS: Sounds pretty good! What was it like sharing the stage with the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Blitz Kids?

Dan: The Funeral gig for me was absolutely immense, I grew up listening to them.

Chris Hepsworth: But then the Blitz Kid gig, I didn’t know them, I didn’t even know who they were.

Justin: We didn’t have much expectations of that gig, I’d heard the name floating around but I thought their fans wouldn’t be in to what we do so I thought they might not be used to what we play. I was just thinking ‘are we going to go down alright here?’

Chris Hepsworth: We’re more punk, we listen to more punk like Gallows.

Dan:  I think because we have the melodies as well it worked.

Chris Hepsworth: We went down better than Blitz Kids anyway, we sold more tshirts!

Justin: No we didn’t.

Dan: The Funeral gig though was absolutely amazing, getting to hang out with a band we used to watch.

Justin: They were such nice guys, at that venue we played in Wakefield, they really looked after all the bands and we didn’t feel like the local support or anything stupid like that.

Dan: What the hell are all those sirens.


HTS: That’s London for you! Talking of cities, do you have a favourite one to play in England and why? Have you played in London before?

Dan: No, this is the first time.

Chris Hepsworth: Workington was the worst. Never go to Workington. It’s a long story but we got in a fight after the show, it was a city that was just full of chavs wanting to fight with you.

Dan:  I’m going to have to go for Leeds, we’ve played the Cockpit like three times and every time we’ve played it is been a really good turnout.

Justin: We did a really good show in with Calls Landing before Christmas.


HTS: What do you love and hate most about touring?

Dan: The worst side of it is the money.

Justin: You’ve got to save up, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got some emergency money. We were watching the While She Sleeps documentary on our night off, and just the problems that they ran into in Europe, where the van completely died.

Chris Harrison: I think it’s tiredness. You’ve got to look after yourself while you’re on tour. Me and Chris were lucky enough to get hotels but the other guys had to sleep in the van.

HTS: Your album is available as ‘pay what you want’ on bandcamp, what prompted that decision?

Dan: We want people to listen to it.

Justin: We don’t want that kind of barrier of ‘oh no, it’s £4’. We do have CD’s for sale and if people want to support us financially by buying it then that’s great.

Dan: We’d rather have people to have it than have it for 5, 6, 7, 8 pounds.

HTS: Do you have any future plans or anything upcoming that you can tell us about?

Chris Hepsworth: We’ve been writing a lot, and we’re going to spending a bit of money on bringing out a few EPs. Is it going to be an EP or an album?

Chris Harrison: We don’t know if it’s going to be an EP or an album.

Dan: Definitely EP.

Justin: Financial constraints.

Chris Hepsworth: You’ve prompted a band meeting now! We’re definitely going to be recording again anyway.

Justin: We’ve spent a lot of time writing. We’ve been panicking a bit because so many months have gone by, but we’ve been playing a couple of these songs live during this tour and they’ve really gone down well. They’ve kind of fitted in with what we’ve already got.

Chris Hepsworth: And we’ve already been invited back to play some venues.

Justin: And we’ve got a rumour that we’ll be supporting a band that signed to No Sleep, I can’t say who it is or my promoter will kill me.

Dan: There’s a few things in the works.


HTS: We wish you well!


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