Chiodos – Devil ★★★☆☆

ChiodosArtist: Chiodos
Title: Devil
Release Date: April 1st
Label: Razor & Tie

Michigan  six piece put previous feuds aside to release fourth full length album.

Chiodos  welcomed back original vocalist Craig Owens  to the band in 2012 and have enjoyed a collection of successful tours including being main support on last years Kerrang Tour! and Warped Tour.

This album opens with a twinkly piano introduction that segues into ‘We’re Talking About Practice’  which shows off the clean and pristine vocal range that Craig Owens  possess in his arsenal whilst ‘Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now’  showcases the darker and harsher side of their aural attack with demonic styled screams. Also this album, like previous releases, is filled with the worst song titles ever; just why?

Even two songs in, the gimmick of synth strings and piano has lost it’s charm and is a downside throughout this record as it’s undertones grate and become stale far too easily. Having been around over ten years or so now and using this dynamic means there are now a whole host of bands who have copied this ‘technique’ and this doesn’t help to make them stand out from the pack. ‘3AM’  has an upbeat tempo and summer feel to it despite the song being about the frontmans night time one-night-stands. This grabbed our attention straight away as it’s essentially a pop-punk song; light, catchy, melody-filled and fun. A definite single-to-be that contains stand out lyric, “everyday I still learn from mistakes I have made”.

After listening to ‘Duct Tape’  we immediately skipped past it on the follow-up listen because it’s a slow building, mid-paced song that transforms into nothing. Meanwhile straight after ‘Behvis Bullock’  slams off the bat and will incite circle pits when aired live, being the heaviest track it also gives us an insight into how the guys can change it up from playing it safe.. Stand out track is ‘Looking For A Tornado’,  an acoustic based, captivating piece that swirls with melody and is the most well rounded song on ‘Devil’.

Closing out the album is the 9 minute ‘I Am Everything That’s Normal’  that again doesn’t do much to stand out from the rest and has around 4 minutes of pointless noise to close out the album. However this is a perfect closer for ‘Devil’,  the times and troubles of Craig Owens  have been well documented in the past few years and how he’s changed and made it through the dark times and this song includes a cathartic realisation in, “I swear I’m different now”. 

A lot of the same formula used on the tracks of this album but all-in-all it’s a solid ‘comeback’ release from Chiodos.