Canterbury – Dark Days ★★★☆☆

canterbury-dardays-lowresEnglish Alternative Rock band Canterbury are back with their third album ‘Dark Days’ released through Hassle Records. The eagerly anticipated album scored top of the official rock album charts; so it seems the foursome from Surrey have gone and out done their early albums ‘Thank You’ and ‘Heavy In The Day’.

The mix of heavy rock riffs and unique brand of anthem like sing alongs are prominent throughout the album and the opening track (Expensive Imitation) sets you up perfectly for the rest of the album. The album fades in before dropping into a song full of catchy, hard hitting riffs that will easily get the crowd moving live. (This song is written for a built up intro and a curtain drop, seriously!)

The different sides of Canterbury are scattered throughout the album with more head banging moments (All My Life, Out From The Cold) and softer, delicate pieces (Hold Your Own, Think It Over) that show off the softer side of the band.

One of the stand out tracks on the album is a more stripped back acoustic track (By The Trail) showing off Canterbury’s raw talent, incredible voices and beautiful lyric writing. And another song (Elephant) which sounds like a perfectly simple rock song with a pop chorus hook, but it’s the simplicity of this track which really does make it stand out track on the album, (and it gets stuck in your head so easily you’ll be singing it for hours after the album is over), and as well as catchy chorus’, the album also offers some anthemic sing alongs (Satellite, Going Nowhere) which resemble some of their earlier tracks such as ‘Friends? We’re More Like A Gang’.

Although every song is a brilliant offering of what Canterbury currently have to offer, keeping in tune with every song from start to finish is a difficult task, until you learn each song and hear them for what great tracks they are alone, but together it’s hard not to lose one or two within the album.

The unique, experimental styles we are used to from Canterbury are one step closer to having the similar status that the likes of Muse and Biffy Clyro have. The Canterbury sound is the only thing like it out there at the moment and this album, ‘Dark Days’ really is a step up once again.