Bury Tomorrow – Runes ★★★★☆

RunesArtist: Bury Tomorrow

Album: Runes

Release Date: May 26th 2014

Label: Nuclear Blast

Bury Tomorrow almost gave up and threw it all away until second album ‘The Union Of Crowns’  revived them with a shot of motivation and determination to the hearts of the 5 young men from the south coast of England. They started to get noticed and played support slot after support slot to some of the UK’s best talent. Now with a ridiculous amount of hype around the bands third album ‘Runes’ , can we see BT breakaway from the support band tag and become a powerhouse headliner themselves? They’ve got the live show down, but do they have the songs to go with it…the next hour or so will tell.

Album opener ‘Man on Fire’  is a statement of intent with its huuuuge sound and well crafted guitars. Frontman Dani Winter-Bates  vocals are visceral and could cut glass, whilst clean singer Jason Cameron  shines with his impressive range and use of melody. This is just the beginning. One thing you will notice throughout ‘Runes’  is how much of an influence Killswitch Engage have been to the band with similar riffs and styling’s being used to brilliant effect. Namely ‘Shadow, A Creator’  has KSE all the way through it with galloping rhythms and melodic vibe, maybe this is also the sound of BT maturing into greater songwriters.

‘Watcher’  is a definite crowd pleaser with a speedy opening, E-NORMOUS chorus and a shreddin’ solo from lead guitarist and new(ish) guy Kristan Dawson. So far so good from BT. ‘Darker Water’  is a savage and bludgeoning slab of well crafted metalcore that steps up to the plate and smashes it well and truly. It has a groove to it that will induce severe head banging, circle pits and general mosh mayhem at venues across the globe. The tempo and aggression carry on with ‘Another Journey’  and in come some subtle gang chants and another filthy guitar groove.

‘Under The Sun’  breaks up the ferocity of the album for a sec before ‘Year Of The Harvest’  rips into another frenzy of chaos and has Jason  showcasing his clean vocals that sound made for the big stage. A five minute epic follows on and fades out, that’s right a fade out in the form of ‘Garden of Thorns’  that seeps into a mellow and soothing interlude that is a stroke of genius as it breaks up the album from the onslaught of heavy. ‘Of Glory’  kicks in and kicks us straight in the teeth with a growl of “WE ARE ALIVE!”  which then is followed by just a beautifully written guitar riff that is sure to ignite the crowd and see the band set on fire. One of the albums best.

This album was definitely written with the live environment in mind and is perfectly executed and closed out on album ender ‘Last of the Ice’. All the aspects are there, fast tempo rhythms, searing riffs and soaring vocals. Bury Tomorrow have used their time off their usual hectic tour schedule to hone their craft and write an album that will no doubt elevate them to the next level.