Blitz Kids – The Good Youth ★★★★☆

blitz-kids-the-good-youth-coverGuess who’s back? Blitz Kids are back! Tell your friends!

Now normally the ‘difficult’ second album is a challenge for a band of any genre but the Cheshire guys have stormed in with this great feel-good album of alternative rock treats, that is just too good.

Opening with the inspiring “All I Want Is Everything”, this is going to be an anthem among their fans and among fans of the genre. You can feel Joe Adams’ soul being poured into each lyric he sings, it’s so uplifting and magical!

The Fall Out Boy-esque “On My Own” is a devilishly incredible dance number, whilst the standout track of the album by far is the guitar crashing “Sold My Soul” with its infectious rock sound and extra bonus of violins twinned with an incredible vocal by Adams, it is their music at its best.

But to really beat the January blues away, “The Sound of a Lost Generation” is definitely the track to get your motivation and churning again. With its eerie and echoey tones, along with its perfect ‘beacon of hope’ lyrics, this will be a fans firm favourite for a long time to come.

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to see these guys this month, then you are about to see what must be one of the most under-rated bands around at the moment because if this album is anything to go by, they can only get better.

Addictive, catchy songs with Joe Adams’ amazing voice with a pinch of great guitar solos equals the perfect alternative rock album. 2014 is going to be Blitz Kids’ year, just you all wait and see…