Beartooth – Disgusting ★★★★☆

beartoothArtist: Beartooth

Album: Disgusting

Release Date: June 10th 2014

Label: Red Bull


The former Attack! Attack! vocalist Caleb Shomo created ‘Beartooth’ as an outlet as he battled mental health, struggles with depression and his drinking problem to name a few.

This debut album from Beartooth titled ‘Disgusting’ is a concoction made up of pissed off brutality and heart wrenching honesty from Caleb. Throughout the album, similar to the ‘Sick’ EP that was released in 2013, Caleb lays down all of the instrumentation himself, but whereas he produced the EP alone, for ‘Disgusting’ Caleb joined forces with John Feldmann to help with the production, which adds a slightly easy listening feel with the addition of a few pop hook chorus’ surrounded by hate fuelled noise.

The album opens with a single guitar riff (The Lines) that explodes instantly into an incredible debut album. Caleb’s screams are nowhere near perfect, but his unique style of vocals makes this album sound real, and with the addition of his self-hating, heartfelt lyrics, his performance is spectacular.

The demons and strong messages Caleb tackles throughout the album, at the age of 21, is both horrifying and heroic. Whether it be a fierce belter (Body Bag) tackling anit-suicide, an encourage filled track (Beaten In Lips) on the topic of child abuse, and even alcoholism (Relapsing, I Have A Problem) which are again chilling and filled with confession. The thought of a second album can be truly worrying if you imagine the possibility of Caleb having more demons and problems that he needs to deal with.

Towards the end of the album, there is a glimpse of hope for Caleb, almost a light through the darkness as the most positive track on the album, (Keep Your American Dream)which is filled with the softer side of Caleb’s vocal spectrum, with his self-motivating, confidence boosting lyrics that are dealt out through pop melodic hooks.

The closing track of the album (Sick and Disgusting) closes the album in its most emotional, tear jerking track of the album, as Caleb screams his confession “dad, I don’t want to be sick and disgusting” over guitar feedback, whilst he fights through his own tears and pain.

At times, Beartooth recreates a sound similar to Letlive. with the raw passion that’s on display, and even Billy Talent, undoubtedly down to John Feldmann who contributed to the more pop-oriented times on the album. But overall, the debut album from Beatooth is brilliant. ‘Disgusting’ is nothing ground breaking, but Caleb Shomo’s career highlight so far, and as a debut album, ‘Disgusting’ is that much more impressive.