Bands To Watch in 2014

So much music out there and so little time to listen to it all!

We feel your pain here!

With loads of new bands coming left, right and centre and being HUGE music listeners ourselves at Hit The Scene; we thought that we should tell you the bands that we love who we think are going to be big this year!


Name & role in HTS: Katie – Editor
Band chosen:
Stereo Juggernaut
Where did you discover them:
I met the singer at a show for his old band in Sheffield about a year ago
Sounds like:
Devin Townsend beating the shit out of Placebo
Who else is talking about them:
Everyone in London!
Description of the band and its history:
Stereo Juggernaut formed in 2010 by lead vocalist/guitarist Ben Main and drummer Reuben O’Donoghue. After several line-up changes the band is now more solid than ever with Phil Roadkill joining them on 2nd guitar and Dominic Winchesteron bass.
Mixing their blend of Alternative Rock with Hard-Dance hooks, Stereo Juggernaut are the freshest hybrid you’ll hear today. Crushing guitar work boasting classic lead-parts mixed with modern riffage. Intricate, lyrical, and primitive rhythms fused with pounding, melodic bass-lines and synths reminiscent of filthy underground raves. They incorporate audio textures from the future, whilst maintaining a genuine, old-school guitar driven sound.
Music released so far: In 2013 Stereo Juggernaut self released their first album debut “DiscoSmack” and is available for free via bandcamp:
What’s coming up for them: Stereo Juggernaut have a busy year ahead of them and are currently recording a new e.p which is set for release in April 2014.
You can catch them live at The Intrepid Fox on the 27th of March alongside Fuckshovel, 12th of April at Plus one Klub in Stockholm, Sweden, 19th of April at Camden Underworld supporting Apoptygma Berzerk, and Camden Rocks Festival on the 31st of May alongside The Blackout/Ginger Wildheart/Generation Graveyard and Orange Goblin.
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: Their thirst for bitchin’ beats and royal contingent of fans prove their worth in this harsh industry.


Band chosen: Echo Park
Where did you discover them: They emailed me for an EP review some months ago, and I was so enthralled by their sound that they made a fan that day!
Sounds like: Futures and Deaf Havana made a baby that rebelled and listened to Dashboard Confessional.
Who else is talking about them: Tom Robinson at BBCR6 seems to be a fan…
Description of the band and its history:  Echo Park are a five-piece alternative rock band emerging from Guildford, Surrey. Having only been together shy of year they have just released their debut EP ‘Deluge’ which features the anthemic single ‘Circles’ previously released.
Music released so far: Deluge – Debut EP
What’s coming up for them: Gigging throughout the country, and performing new material
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: Their sound is beautiful yet raw, and their persistence admirable and subtle.


Name & Role in Hit The Scene: Sarah – Head Writer
Band chosen: 5 Seconds of Summer
Where did you discover them: YouTube and seeing them support One Direction!  (Don’t judge!)
Sounds like: Pop rock with fun and All Time Low vibes
Who else is talking about them: Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, Radio 1 and social media users around the world!
Description of the band and its history: Forming in 2011, the band has gone from doing covers on their YouTube channel to supporting Hot Chelle Rae and having their own sell-out headlining tour in the UK, Europe USA and Australia!
Music released so far: She Looks So Perfect E.P. and single
What’s coming up for them: HMV signing tour, headlining tour in Europe, USA and Australia and supporting One Direction for their UK and US dates
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: Their official debut single and E.P. is number 1 in the UK, if that isn’t indications of bigger things for this band I don’t know what is!

Name & role in HTS: Joshua Clarke / Writerpolar
Band chosen: Polar.
Where did you discover them: A friend of mine suggested them as he is an absolute fan boy haha.
Sounds like: Hearing about the end of the world whilst stepping on an upturned plug.
Who else is talking about them: Kerrang, Metal Hammer, everyone at a UK hardcore gig.
Description of the band and its history: Started up in 2009, Polar have been on the UK touring circuit for a long time now and have released two EP’s and two albums in that time. The band is made up of Adam Woodford (Vocals), Fabian Lomas (Guitar), Nick Jones (Drums), Chris Stockings (Bass) and finally newly recruited guitarist, Jag Jago (formerly of The Ghost of a Thousand). They’re also signed to In At The Deep End Records. Bassist Chris has shot and directed the last few music videos of the band which is naturally good for the band as it gives them free reign and creativity to express themselves in a visual outlet.
Music released so far: This Polar Noise (2011), Iron Lungs (2012), Inspire Create Destroy (2013)Shadowed by Vultures (2014).
What’s coming up for them: A current run of the UK is underway and they also have a slot at the prestigious Download Festival and on the Total Uprawr Stage at Redfest in Surrey. But apart from that their summer and second half of the year is being played close to their chests at the moment. I’m sure more announcements will be made soon enough.
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: They’ve released a stormer of an album Shadowed by Vultures and have recently finished a European jaunt with Counterparts, Being as an Ocean and Hundredth which was a big deal not only for them but for the UK scene in general. Getting a home-grown talent on a bill like that will help shape the hardcore scene for the near future and puts the band themselves in good stead.

Name & role in HTS: Nightingveil PALAYE-ROYALE
Band chosen: Palaye Royale
Where did you discover them: Twitter
Sounds like: The Animals, The Stones, The Strokes, My Chemical Romance; influenced by Bowie
Who else is talking about them: Samsung; They are highlighted in 2013 Galaxy Note commercials.
Description of the band and its history: Originally formed in 2008 under another name, the combination changed to the current PalayeRoyale name in 2011, and includes core members Remington Leith (vocals), Emerson Barrett (drums, accordion, tambourine), and Sebastian Danzig (organist and guitarist), along with newer addition, Joel Eliasson (guitarist) . Although you would be surprised by listening to them, this band is indie in the sense they write their own music and lyrics, direct and produce their own videos (including twenty-two ‘day in the life of the band’ videos, and The Ballroom Sessions). The band also runs its own social media sites.
Music released so far: ‘Morning Light’ debut single w/video on March 7, 2012, ‘Get Higher’ second single w/video, a six-song EP called ‘The Ends Beginning’ (most with black and white art videos), and songs embedded into the studio sessions that have yet to be released.
What’s coming up for them: Currently, the band is seeking to be signed by a major label, but they are recording a fifteen-track album in March.
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: The members have backgrounds in classical music, which lends itself to the band to creating breath-taking compositions, while managing to layer these into truly original arrangements far from the norm-this has the result of breaking them out of the mould of most other musicians in the genre. With an existing Twitter following of 130k people, and Facebook Likes of nearly 95k, the band is already poised for notice, and they haven’t even been signed to a label yet. Before illness forced her to cancel the SnoCore Tour just last month, Taylor Momsen had chosen the band to open.

Name & role in HTS: Jordan – Writer Catfish
Band chosen:
Catfish and the Bottlemen
Where did you discover them:
BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record of the Week
Sounds like:
An indie Deaf Havana
Who else is talking about them:
BBC’s Hottest Record of the Week and played BBC Introducing Stage Reading & Leeds Festival 2013
Description of the band and its history:
A four piece from the UK with explosive catchy chorus’.
Music released so far:
The band have released 4 singles: Rango, Homesick, Pacifier & Kathleen
What’s coming up for them:
Currently touring the UK and recording an album for August/September release
Why do you think they’ll be big this year:
BBC have supported them and they’re releasing an album later in the year. (And if it’s anywhere near as good as their singles then it’ll be huge!)

Band chosen: Royal BloodRoyal Blood
Where did you discover them:
Sounds like:
The White Stripes, The Black Keys
Who else is talking about them:
BBC awarded them with BBC Sound of 2014
Description of the band and its history:
A British rock duo formed in 2013 in Brighton. The band’s sound is reminiscent and rooted in modern garage rock and blues rock
Music released so far:
‘Out Of The Black’ single & ‘Little Monster’ single
What’s coming up for them:
Reading & Leeds Festival 2014
Why do you think they’ll be big this year:
They’re completely unique consisting of simply bass guitar and drums, whilst delivering earth shaking riffs.