Ashestoangels – With Tape and Needles ★★★☆☆

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Bristol, UK: a city best known in the pop-culture world for Banksy and Portishead, and therefore perhaps not the most obvious breeding ground for the musical offspring of Davey Havok’s impassioned catharsis. But, with their kinetic new album ‘With Tape And Needles’Ashestoangels look set to put Brizzo on the musical map of the macabre, its gloom-soaked tones spiked and studded mini-anthems for the disenfranchised.

William Control of Aiden’s baby, Ashestoangels’ influences are shit-hard to pinpoint. Obviously there’s a hint of Aiden in there, but also a smidge of My Chemical Romance, and crazily enough, a dash of the brazen vocal style and unashamed chord bashing of Anberlin.

Opener ‘The Highest Choir’ welcomes you into the electro macabre of ‘With Tape and Needles’ perfectly, embedding gang vocals and Birthday Massacre-esque synths. Second track ‘Dolls Dolls Dolls’ is underpinned by an eerie dischordant Victorian dinging, and sewn together by a sour bassline.

First single ‘Dorian’ begins with a classic gloomy piano, rushes into a punk tornado, as singer Crilly echoes a million times, and sets about proving just how well he can scream.

The more dulcet and thoughtful side of Ashestoangels comes out in tracks like ‘Lumi’, an ivory speckled ballad, and even softer ‘SOS’.

Album closer “Ghost Frequency” is the “gothest” track on the record, they really show how the macabre can come to life. As it were.

‘With Tape And Needles’ is out now via DustDevilSounds

Lead single ‘Dorian’ is out now, and the video can be seen HERE

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