As It Is @ Islington Academy 23/2/14 ★★★☆☆


wearesuperheroesThe night began with four piece We Are Superheroes. Opening their set with a slow paced but not in the slightest bit boring track, this Surrey based band were wonderful openers. Despite a rather lukewarm response from the small crowd, they immediately stood out on the pop punk/rock lineup with their more melodic sound and at times almost Placebo-esque vocals. It’s not often that you find bands that sound entirely different to anything else around at the moment, but We Are Superheroes do so with incredible ease.

highlivesFollowing were the thoroughly pop punk Highlives. With an underwhelming and almost out of tune first track, they seemed like they were going to be a slight disappointment. However frontman Liam Edwards’ unbridled energy and the bands on-stage humour saved their set. Highlives aren’t a band who are bringing anything new to the pop punk scene, but after the slightly rocky start their set improved by miles – they are clearly a band who know what sound they want and achieve it with style.

missvincentFour piece Miss Vincent were next to take to the stage. Citing influences such as Alkaline Trio and AFI, there were high expectations for this band – and they did not disappoint. There isn’t a song in their set that wouldn’t worm its way into your brain and stay there for days. With catchy guitar hooks and enough confidence from frontman Alex Marshall to fill a stadium, Miss Vincent were a band that made the crowd stand up and pay attention.

nightlifeNext were penultimate band of the evening, N I G H T L I F E. Formed from members of previous bands All Or Nothing, Chaos Days and The Fight, the London quartet have a clear talent for making ridiculously catchy music. Having already toured Europe and performed as part of US Vans Warped Tour, their stage experience shows. They had no trouble holding the crowds undivided attention, and had members of As It Is and Miss Vincent onstage during one song – a bunch of men shaking their fingers and hips was most definitely the highlight of the night! The only way for N I G H T L I F E to go from here is up.

Headliners As It Is made their entrance to fair bit of thunderous cheering. Having seen them support We Are Lost Boys in May to a crowd who mainly didn’t know who they were, this was an enormous step up – these are a band with an ever increasing fan base and it shows. Frontman Patty Walters brings his American edge to the bands brand of pop punk and flew around the stage performing with such heartfelt enthusiasm the crowd were enthralled. Patty has the style and energy of the likes of Matty Mullins and Austin Carlile, and its clear that the whole band love what they’re doing. With their new track already played on Kerrang! Radio, As It Is are a band to watch.