Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together ★★★★☆




From the bitterness of Architects’ mind set and the disastrous news of Tom Searle’s skin cancer, Architects’ future looked bleak to say the least. But after fan donations allowing the Brighton four piece to release ‘One Hundred Days’ a DVD documentary, and the release of their fifth album ‘Daybreaker’ all hope was not lost. ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ is a collection of brutality and beauty sending the message that Architects’ mind set has changed entirely and that they’re back, better and stronger than ever.

Sam Carter stating “You are the reason we are bitter and then some” through the opening track (Gravedigger) is a ferocious taste of what the band’s sixth album is. And with their first single (Naysayer) following, it shows off the hard hitting, heavy instrumentation the quartet can conjure. The statement that this is who they are, and this is who they want to be, in the lyrics “So sick of the sound of people giving up, you can’t stop me giving a f**k” and the addition of a wider range of vocals from Sam, the vocals throughout the album really are the perfect balance of melody and ferocity.

Within the album, Architects keep the added element of electronics, almost acting as beauty within the chaos of heavy riffs and brutal breakdowns. The political and religious messages that Architects view are still featured (Broken Cross, Colony Collapse), but with their last album ‘Daybreaker’ being over done as a stereotypical Metalcore band with political messages overloading the album, Lost Forever // Lost Together is a balance of political and religious views, combined with emotions that everyone can connect with.

The album has its delicate moments with an almost halftime rest (Red Hypergiant) before dropping into another half of powerful tracks that do not blur into one loud noise, a fait many metalcore albums endure. The album also consists of some of their heaviest tracks (C.A.N.C.E.R, The Devil Is Near), almost dating back to the likes of their third album ‘Hollow Crown.’ And along with a surprise guest appearance from Murray Macleod of The Xcerts (Youth Is Wasted on the Young) and a soft closing message ending the album (The Distant Blue), the album from start to finish is enthralling throughout, with the mix of electronics and heavy instrumentation providing a stellar platform, the message and spectacular vocal performance from Sam Carter is what makes this album stand out.

Lost Forever // Lost Together is somewhat the positive mental space for the band since Daybreaker. Where their thought process of jealousy and discontent has shifted to gratefulness to still be doing what they are doing today. And their sixth studio album certainly shows a band moving in the right direction, moving forward from their past difficulties, and producing their best album to date.