Architects @ Cardiff Solus 11/3/14 ★★★★☆


It’s a big week for Architects  with a UK tour to coincide with the release of their sixth record, Lost Forever // Lost Together  which has already heralded claims that it is their best work to date.

Opening proceedings tonight are Landscapes  who draw a very decent sized crowd and give a brutually honest performance for all in attendance. The band pour their hearts out onstage with vocalist Shaun Milton  looking like he could burst into tears at any moment, every word uttered spitting emotion and meaning. Solid performance.


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Next up is Australian tech metal newcomers Northlane  who having only been to our shores once but have garnered a huge following. A clear sound and a commanding frontman in Adrian Fitipaldes  keeps the tempo up and what they lack in stage movement they more than make up for in their mature, well structured songwriting abilities. A minor sample timing glitch before one of their last songs is the only bad mark against them. A tight and powerful set. Expect big things.

Bounding onstage and blasting straight into ‘Badge & A Bullet’,  Long Island’s Stray From The Path  are winners from the off tonight. Having over 10 years of experience they rip through their set like their on fire and are the perfect support act tonight. The room is bouncing in unison during new cut ‘Radio’  with pits erupting all over the place and chaos takes over. They play as if their headliners and with such confidence and force that you can’t ignore. Frontman Drew York  leading the crowd to sing a long, circle pit and meet him at the barrier, he may be small but he packs a mean snarl and visceral delivery whilst being accessable. Terrific set from the US bruisers.

Architects 2Architects 3

Tonights headliners, the almighty Architects  kick straight into new songs ‘Gravedigger’  and ‘C.A.N.C.E.R’,  and you can bet this room full of devoted fans already know the words even with the new album only being out a day. Sam Carter  has grown to be a force to be reckoned with with his ability to be able to scream his lungs out and then swiftly sing softly and make everyone here lose their minds. This is best showcased tonight during tracks such as ‘Alpha Omega’  and ‘Day In Day Out’.  Every moment they can they thank the audience for making this show special and to keep the energy levels up as they race through their set. The setlist is compromised of mainly new material and that of last release, Daybreaker, but fan favourite ‘Early Grave’  still being the heaviest part of their set and bringing the house down.

An encore of instrumental track, ‘Red Hypergiant’  and politically charged, ‘These Colours Dont Run’  bring a frenetic and chaotic spectacle to a brilliantly devasting end. Architects have shown tonight that they are ready to join the elite metal groups from around the globe and you’d be an idiot to bet against them being a success throughout 2014.