Anberlin release new statement on break-up

Anberlin-e1389996821992-300x154Anberlin have made a few comments following their sad announcement last week that 2014 would be their last year as a band. The band said…

“Hello friends – just wanted to update everyone on a few things.

In case some of you hadn’t heard or seen our announcement last week, 2014 will be Anberlin’s final year. We did want to clarify a few things surrounding this, though. We WILL be making a final album, and we WILL be doing a farewell tour to some of our favorite places around the world. We are playing Warped Tour here in the US, and no, that will not be our final US Tour. We are busy at work planning out all our touring as we speak, and we will be announcing dates and tickets in the coming days and weeks.

We’ve seen some of you asking some of these question, so we just wanted to set the record straight.”

You can check out their announcement from last week below.


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