Amaryllis – Revolt ★★★★☆



Artist: Amaryllis

EP: Revolt

Release Date: May 12th 2014

Label: Unsigned

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Following the release of their first self titled (and very free) EP only last year, the alternative rock band are already back with another electrifying record. The only downside second time around is that you have gotta stick your hands in your moth eaten pockets and pull out any loose change for this EP, but at a mere £3 a go, it’s well worth it.

The surprising success of their first EP led to over 10,000 downloads and over 25,000 views, which continues to grow as we speak, and their underground success is no secret. Having toured with Elliot Minor and The Dirty Youth, Amaryllis are no longer simmering beneath the surface, but instead are coming up for air and have every intent on creating quite the storm as the release of their second EP ‘Revolt’ came out May 12th.

Boasting five tracks of an unpredictable mish mash of exhilarating music, Amaryllis are one of the few bands out there that are able to combine synthesized rock with acoustic guitars and not look like a bunch of twats.

Despite forming just over two years ago, the five piece have stopped for nobody, and if their first track Kings is anything to go by, it doesn’t look like they will be any time soon. Much like the first spark of electricity travelling down the wire, gaining in speed and intensity, you become electrocuted as the brutal chords and violent riffs mercilessly strike you down. Throwing itself horns first into the fire, listeners are taken victim to an insanely powerful introduction to the EP. But don’t be fooled just yet, it is not all devil horns and mosh pits as Sante Moonie’s innocent voice sails past your ear, acting as the calm before the violent storm. Moonie’s vocals reek of innocence and naivety in an adorable fashion as she scratches her music in your mind like fingernails down a chalkboard, leaving both her nails and the board demolished  before you get a chance to recover from the wreckage.

Unlike the opening track, Stand Down forces itself onto you as Moonie’s vocals slither over a mish mash of guitars, bass and drums in a deliciously deceitful manner. By the second verse it almost becomes another standard, predictable song until Amaryllis shine through and create an impressive breakdown towards the end of the song.

The third track Prophecies is the weakest track on an otherwise strong EP as it fails to deliver a real emotion. An acoustic break towards the end of the song revives what’s left and breathes life back into the song. However, the repetitiveness of the simple beat makes it feel more like the end of the EP, than a song. The unpredictability of the predictability is almost too much to bare as they continue to fuck with our minds and ears, yet we do not and can not, stop listening.

The final track of the record Strangers In August nicely polishes off the EP as it displays Amaryllis in a different light, one in which compliments all their features as a band. Moonie’s vocals flutter across an acoustic guitar as she pours out her heart into the mic and her soul through the sound. A contrasting outro to a powerful intro makes for another well done EP.

If there’s one thing Amaryllis can do, it’s throw you around a room without so much as laying a finger on you. Push aside the repetitiveness of one of two tracks, the unpredictability of the EP means nothing should be taken for granted, you get what you’re given and you either like it or sit the fuck down. I’ll stand.


BUY it on iTunes –  Revolt – EP – Amaryllis

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