Amaryllis Interview!

10150651_749294448438066_897920587_nLDN alt-rock sweethearts Amaryllis have been knocking about since 2012, and wowing crowds all over the country with their electrifying performances.

Fast becoming one of the UK’s most prominent unsigned live rock acts, they released their free self-titled EP ‘Amaryllis’ last year, and we catch them about to support Elliot Minor on the #EMonemoretime set of shows. Their new EP ‘Revolt’ hits on May 12th.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Amaryllis are criminals. In the space of 5 minutes we were ushered away from every area imaginable within the N1 shopping centre, where the Islington O2 Academy, and the venue for tonight, is located. When we finally find our location, we begin grilling Amaryllis on everything from their name, to their first show.

HTS: Hi guys! Let’s jump straight in. Where did the band name come from?

Alex (Whiteford, Guitar): Basically we were coming up with a band name and we were struggling. So we were going through my iTunes and we stumbled across Shinedown’s album ‘Amaryllis’ which we thought was kind of cool because it doesn’t sound like an indie band or a heavy metal band, it sounds quite cool and its not a plural like most bands! It was the only band name we came up with and no one had any qualms about it!

HTS: What inspired you to join a band and get into music?

Sante (Moonie, Vocals): Going to watch my favourite bands and stuff and seeing how the crowd react through the music, communication-wise, I think its really cool to be on the other side of it and seeing fans shout your lyrics and jump around. It’s such a  great feeling to have, to see other people feeling exactly what you used to feel watching your favourite bands. That’s what inspired me to give it a go with 4 of my closest friends.

Alex: Also with being in a band you have a chance to make your own favourite band, you can craft your own version of what you think is really cool.

HTS: What was your first show like?

Alex: It was at Islington Academy 2, back in 2012. It was really good actually for our first show, we had all our friends and family down there, it felt good. We weren’t nervous or anything we just went out there and it was a good first bit of confidence, we had everyone behind us from the get-go, like the seal of approval from everyone.

Sante: Most of the guys had been in bands before and stuff but I hadn’t so for me it was a bit different because I’d never sung in front of my family and friends so for me it was more head-on, I was more nervous than anyone.

HTS: What can fans expect from your new EP?

Sante: Just a lot more professional. I think with this EP we’ve had a lot more time to think about how things should sound, what should be added in. I think vocally and lyrically its stronger and a lot more thought out. All round its still got that Amaryllis vibe from the first EP but you can see how much in 6 months we’ve developed as a band in those 5 songs. I think when you hear it you’ll hear a good change.

HTS: How does it feel to be supporting Elliot Minor?

Mike (Mann, Drums): Fucking fantastic! Have you seen inside of there?! Its huge! Our dressing room has a shower and beer. Incredible.

Alex: All the material things from Mike obviously!

Mike: I’m a very material person I’m not gonna dance around that subject!

Alex: I think its really cool and the main thing is we weren’t responsible for making it happen, our friends family and fans got behind it and made it happen. Its an achievement and more a celebration for us cus its not just on us purely based on what they [Elliot Minor] have heard, but they’ve embraced us as well, they’ve been so good to us. For a band that’s so respected and at their last ever show, its something that’s not just a big deal for us but for everyone.

Mike: It is an absolute privilege.

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