AMANDA – My Favorite Drug (Single) ★★★★☆


 You’ll probably know Lauri Ylönen from Finnish rock band The Rasmus, but with AMANDA we see (or should that be, hear) him as never before. A mammoth departure from the epic ballads we have seen and expected of Lauri for the past 10 years, he has planted himself firmly in a new crop of electro pop artists, and his new project will surprise you. Along with his robot-creature companion, Lauri first started this project under his own name, releasing album “New World” in 2011, along with a few interesting videos, featuring him and his little pal in many extravagant and  compromising situations. “My Favorite Drug” however, comes from a new place, of almost dubstep, and with the new name “AMANDA”, changed because of Lauri’s belief that so many people had contributed to his project, it wouldn’t feel right to just have his name on the work. The track immediately drags you in with all the allure and pulses and hisses of a club song, but transports you back in time with 90s synths and alarms and Lauri’s distinctive vocals, culminating in a epidemic of trance-like elating dub-pop unlike nothing else.

To sweep so easily to another genre is no easy feat, but Lauri successfully does so, and we can’t wait to see what happens to AMANDA next…

Watch the video for the track below: