All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes – A Love Like War (Single) ★★★★☆

tumblr_inline_msejomjJ8H1qz4rgpThe moment fans of ATL and PTV everywhere have been waiting for; a duet from the poster boys of pop-punk. Starring a retro feel and vintage guitars with a video set in an old fashioned movie theatre (and featuring some extreme popcorn wars), Alex Gaskarth and Vic Fuentes set about melting their vocals together in an undeniably brilliant fire.

A devilishly carefree riff from Jack Barakat opens the song, spectacularly bouncing from one section to the other, each more different and brazen than the last, with a few screams from Vic thrown in for good measure.

It’s less cheery pop punk, more thoughtful ‘real’ rock, with a blunt edge; obviously Pierce The Veil’s influence. It’s no secret that this track is blowing up; it’s had over a million views in a week. There’s also no denying it’s reminiscent of ‘old’ All Time Low (Coffee Shop Soundtrack-esque); a welcome backtrack. Infectious as a cold in winter; All Time Low are back.

Watch the video below;


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