ALBUM: Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me ★★★★☆

SS YCSMArtist: Suicide Silence

Album: You Can’t Stop Me

Release Date: July 14th 2014

Label: Nuclear Blast

After the tragedy of losing enigmatic frontman Mitch Lucker to a motorcycle accident back in 2012, the remaining members of deathcore unit Suicide Silence had a difficult road of recovery ahead. Not only were they grieving the loss of one of their best friends, they had to decide whether or not to carry on the band, and who  would be the right man to fill the empty vocal spot. That man turned out to be former All Shall Perish frontman and long time friend of the band Eddie Hermida. A lot of fans were sceptical about this decision, and wondering if he had the ability to pull it off…

‘M.A.L’ is a clean and menacing opening for the album but flows into ‘Inherit The Crown’ a groove-laden riffola track that bounces and bounds along and compliments Eddie’s  vocal style with aplomb. This track isn’t too much of a departure from the SS sound, it’s still brutally heavy while yet being more accessible. ‘Cease To Exist’ was our first taste of what to expect from the new direction a couple of months ago and it still leaves a lasting impression as a certified headbanger.

By the time fourth track ‘Sacred Words’ oozes into life, it becomes apparently clear that the guys aren’t just about devastating breakdowns and nightmare-ish lyrics. There are subtle undertones and layers to the heavy to give a sense of melody and maturity, it’s refreshing to hear from a band that has pummelled our eardrums since the outstanding debut The Cleansing, however these moments are far too fleeting. ‘Control’ and ‘Warrior’ both come and go and try to take the crown for being ‘heaviest’ song on the album, without adding anything new or exciting to the mix. The title track is a blistering effort from the band by fusing all the elements that make them, them essentially. Brutality, screams, fist pumping anthem style lyrics and evocative leads. The song features the final lyrics written and left by Mitch Lucker.

‘Monster Within’ follows on in similar form to the title track but also features the vocal appearance of Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan. A very well respected talent in the world of everything heavy his delivery is razor sharp and adds a new aspect to SS. An acoustic intro to ‘We Have All Had Enough’ sounds like it belongs to a Led Zeppelin track, not being a soft introduction to another cut of fresh deathcore. The groove comes back into the fold during ‘Don’t Die’ and the acoustic guitar also makes a return for album closer ‘Ouroborus’. The vocals and distortion kick in and take this song to a different place in between the melancholy and subdued sections of reflection.

So, did Eddie pass the test? Has Suicide Silence still a got a future in our world? What happens next? We don’t have the answers but we’re very pleased they’ve made such a triumphant comeback and Eddie has certainly passed the test. Overall this is a good deathcore/metal album that really should’ve had more experimentation, not just with the final track. But, you have to ease into these things and take it one day at a time…