ALBUM: Sleepwave – Broken Compass ★★★★☆

sleepwave_brokencompass_coverArtist: Sleepwave

Album: Broken Compass

Release Date:15th September 2014

Label: Epitaph Records

As one door is pulled to an inevitable close, another is thrown wide open and the key is tossed aside; as was the case for Underoath and Sleepwave. The saddening, yet eventual end of post hardcore band Underoath paved the way for the birth of Sleepwave; as Underoath’s ex-vocalist, Spencer Chamberlain’s new project.

Teaming up with life long pal Stephen Bowman, the pair have thrown themselves into the deep end and are not struggling to stay afloat in the slightest. Their talent, confidence and experience all piled together create a delicious recipe of promise and anticipation for their future.

Wavering on the brink of metal and electronica, Sleepwave have built up their foundations with blood, sweat and tears to create a sound with the curiosity of originality wrapped in the comfort of familiarity as Sleepwave combine unlikely sounds from a large variety of influences.  Their first album, Broken Compass, released through Epitaph Records earlier this month has created ripples in the simmering pond of the rock genre.

Opening with Paper Planes, Sleepwave showcase their delicate balance between rock and the mainstream as they waver somewhere between the two. MIA it is not,

The second single of the album I also their debut Rock and Roll Is Dead and So Am I. Chamberlain stated in an interview with AltPress that this track is not about the death of such a substantial genre, but more the lack of originility in the music industry today. This point is particularly evident in the album as the mish mash of a large variety of genres, ranging from nu-metal-esque, to head-banging, crowd moshing metal.

A couple of seconds of an eerie beginning and Chamberlain and Bowman waste no time in ripping straight into the track. With its belting chorus, build up verses, this many layered track has a lot to offer its listenenrs, noticing something new each and every time. Contrasting drops only add to the tension, as Bowman plays with the listeners vulnerable ears with hesitant time changes. Vocal effects are unlike anything Underoath has  seen before. Pulsating build up of guitars in complimented by Chamberlains voice.

Wasting no time, and using more energy, Sleepwave bound strainght in to the next track titled The Wolf. Upbeat and energetic, this track stands on its own hinds legs out of the entirety of the album with its steady beats, backing screams, and playful synthesized twist.

The menacing brutality of the album so far is laid to rest for four minutes of Hold Up My Head as Sleepwave gently ease the listeners virgin ears as Chamberlains vocals reveal their sensitive side in this heartfelt number  before opening to a flurry of deafening guitars and fucking their minds.

Ending on the title track, Broken Compass is a track that caresses the listeners and lulls them into a sense of security, with its pulsating percussion and soothing vocals, it is hard not to relate the song to Underoath’s final chapter.

Broken Compass is a record that showcases both Chamberlain’s and Bowman’s seemingly limitless talent both individually and working together as it guides the listeners way through the duo’s journey. With their variety of genres, tempos and styles but still staying loyal to the classic song structure. Sleep with one eye open, Sleepwave have arrived.