ALBUM: Marmozets – The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets ★★★★★

TWAW MarmozetsArtist: Marmozets

Album: The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets

Release Date: 29/09/14

Label: Roadrunner Records

Marmozets have been on a lot of peoples radar now for quite some time with a couple EP’s to their name and a pulsating live show that they’ve taken up and down the country plenty of times over the past few years. So now is the time for the Bingley 5 piece to step up to the plate and show the world what they’ve been waiting for on their debut album.

‘Born Young and Free’ bursts out the speakers with their typical math rock riff work but then turns into a rally cry of a rock song. The songs title being the opening lyric instantly signals this out to be a live anthem that will unite the crowd to scream it back. Becca McIntyre showcases her vocal range throughout the track with a huge arena sized chorus and delves into something dark to deliver her menacing growl towards the songs climax. ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ sounds like the heaviest song the Arctic Monkeys never wrote. It’s packed with energy and is brilliantly catchy, everything about it will stick in your head. The guitar work, the vocal patterns and the chorus are superbly written.

‘Captivate You’ takes things down a notch but allows the band to use more colours from their musical palette. Becca takes centre stage on this song with a soft delivery and the band bring a real tense feeling to the chorus that does actually captivate us. There’s no chaos or urgency here just a fantastic and mature track from the young quintet. Sam McIntyre and Jack Bottomley have a knack for writing riffs that grab your attention and sound infectious. ‘Is It Horrible?’ is a prime example of this and include a noisy ending and what you have here is another hit. ‘Cover Up’  is more of a pop-tinged rock song whilst at the other end of the spectrum ‘Particle’ is fucking staggering. The band opened with this track at Reading & Leeds and everyone went mental. A pummelling and heavy bass line opens before everything kicks in and creates a soaring chorus and we’ll call it a ‘solo’ section, albeit quite brief that takes us back to old days of Muse.

‘Cry’ is a piano led ballad that sounds like it shouldn’t fit in with the overall sound of this album but fits in perfectly. This is a band who aren’t afraid to take risks which they do here and they pull it off beautifully with delicate vocals and harmonised guitars. “Still fighting, still fighting, on my own”  is a haunting lyric that will easily resonate with every listener. ‘Weird and Wonderful’ stomps along and brims with charisma. ‘Vibetech’ sounds like The Dillinger Escape Plan had a baby with Mastodon and had Every Time I Die as its grandfather. It’s ridiculous, the song has all these different elements and layers to it throughout and you think will take it in a different direction with every turn.

‘Love You Good’ has a party theme to it and ‘Hit The Wave’ messily finds its way through the verses to find its home coasting on an enormous wave of grandiose rock. ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ has been out a while and is essentially what brought a lot of people to the Marmozets party with almost all of the bands usual characteristics being thrown into the mix of this track. ‘Back To You’ is a slow building affair and minimal fuss. Once again Becca ignores her demonic vocal style for a more straight forward yet grand delivery over the top of the epic soundtrack the band create which brings the album to a close.

A lot of people were expecting Marmozets to deliver the goods on their debut record and they certainly did. Was it weird? At times. Was it wonderful? You bet.