ALBUM: Luke De-Sciscio – Rust ★★★★☆

LDS RustArtist: Luke De-Sciscio

Album: Rust

Release Date: 03/09/14

Label: Source Mountain Records


Luke De-Sciscio is a singer/songwriter hailing from the South of the UK. He is currently travelling around the waters of the UK on a narrow boat. A lot of time, peace and solitude to write blissfully beautiful and idyllic songs then, we imagine? Having been on the acoustic circuit for a few years now, swooning audiences wherever he plays whilst trying his damnedest to get a band together. That may still allude him somewhat, but he got the chance to pay tribute to his hero and inspiration, the late great Jeff Buckley. Luke got to travel to New York to perform as part of a tribute night to the man. With this eye opening and humbling experience to draw inspiration on, can he recreate and encompass some Buckley magic?

‘Pretty Years’ opens this 7 track album with its soft guitar work and tension building atmosphere that allows for Luke’s voice to take centre stage. The delicacy he delivers the lyrics is breathtaking and his ear for melody is outstanding. The band element comes into play on second song ‘Always’ with a tight yet repetitive drum pattern and casually stroked guitar. During the chorus Luke delivers a change in pitch and volume as apposed to the subtlety of the verses which knocks the song up another gear. Elegant strumming and tender picking during ’42nd Street’ make for a fragile first half with backup coming to life to help him finish the second half of this story. There’s desperation in the lyrics and heartache in the vocals that capture the overall feeling of this record.

‘Another Man’ could pass for a Jeff Buckley hit. Luke really channels his hero on this track with trying to emulate certain vocal patterns and use of delivery. You can’t help but feel dazzled by the beauty and hurt throughout the song, a soundtrack to a tragedy. Luke is an avid blues and jazz enthusiast, which was instilled in him by his grandfathers love of music. He was a massive part of shaping his musical palette and helped him immensely to get started. After his passing, he build a log cabin/recording studio with his father in the UK countryside, John’s Log Cabin  in his grandfathers honour.

With each song brings a new tone and ingredient to this record with the straightforward ‘I Remember’. Layering the vocals in some parts creates this grandiose ambience that perks up the mood of the track and sounds absolutely huge. ‘I Don’t Want To Be Free’ has this underlying sad country song quality to it that seeks out to resonate with each and every listener. It’s the moments when it’s just Luke and a guitar that he really shines through to make everything feel more real, and you remember he is just like everyone else, but with a phenomenal gift to share.

So we come to the end of the album with closer ‘Another Room’ that we can almost compare to Noah and The Whale – The First Days of Spring. A slow and gentle beginning with wispy vocals and relaxing manner. This is a well crafted, meticulously thought out and honest piece of work from Luke De-Sciscio. A brilliant young man with a tremendous talent and illuminating future.