ALBUM: Colt 45 – The Tide Is Turning ★★★★☆

Colt 45 TTITArtist: Colt 45

Album: The Tide Is Turning

Release Date: July 28th 2014

Label: Visible Noise

Cumbria isn’t exactly the place you’d expect one of the UK’s brightest rock prospects to hail from, but the UK has been known to throw out gems from every corner. Colt 45 and their new album ‘The Tide Is Turning’ is a turning point in our scene and ladies and gentleman, we may have a new challenger for the UK’s best rock band.

Starting with ‘Salt Water’  with an infectious opening and rough and raw vocals immediately The Gaslight Anthem and Social Distortion spring to mind, which is definitely not a bad comparison. A well worked melodic chorus and crunch make a mark early in this brand new album. ‘O.K’  is up next with a loud/quiet dynamic and mid paced tempo that plods along and naturally adds a softer element to the track, coupled with a subtle ‘solo’ later on this is all brought full circle and finishes with it’s brilliantly written chorus that has ‘sing-a-long’ all over it.

‘I Thought I Knew Best’  is a very open and relatable track that will definitely capture a lot of peoples attention with its lyrics and contagious instrumentation. A gang chant of the title closes out the song and is a live favourite between band and audience in waiting. The sound of the band is very American rock/punk sounding but it’s polished and well rehearsed and never loses its appeal. ‘595’  perfectly illustrates that with the raw vocals fitting with the music like it was meant to be, plus we’ve noticed by now that the band have buckets of powerful choruses in their arsenal. Hooks and melody come in abundance during ‘I Remember When The Rain Came Down’ , quiet and toned down verses give the choruses and solo sections even more punch and power.

‘The Simple Things Are Working’  is an arm-waving festival track with smooth vocals and clean guitars mixed with a slow and euphoric chorus. ‘When We Sleep Alone’  is far too similar to the rest of the tracks to have much of a chance of standing out amongst the rest of the songs on display here. ‘Found My Home’  picks up the pace and the opening riff is intriguing and very much separate to the rest of the guitar work on this album, which after the last few tracks is a welcome relief. The riff and solidity of the rhythm section keep this track alive and moving forward into mosh pit erupting territory.

‘Crutches’  closes out the album, but isn’t what you’d be expecting from the tone of the album and of similar bands. It’s not an acoustic number, nor is it a slow ballad type of song, its another track of mid tempo punk rock that draws the album to an unexpected and slightly disappointed close. This band have a lot of potential and a very promising future ahead, but they need more tracks like ‘The Simple Things Are Working’   and ‘I Remember When The Rain Came Down’,  these are the tracks with the most adventure and memorable moments and that is whats needed to get ahead in this dogfight of rock n’ roll. We mentioned their choruses a lot but they are bloody good and are essentially what keep this album interesting. A fantastic start to captivating new prospect. Expect big things from Colt 45 come 2015.