ALBUM: Climates – Body Clocks ★★★★☆

Climates BCArtist: Climates

Album: Body Clocks

Release Date: 13/10/14

Label: Small Town Records

Climates debut album has been in the works for quite some time, when we recently interviewed the band we found out a few things about Body Clocks. It was going to be atmospheric, emotional and brave…and it was just for them. They knew that their melodic hardcore fan base would have something to say about this new direction, but they don’t care. Their set on the Beartooth tour was composed of mostly new material, a conscious decision to show to a new audience where they were headed and what they could come to expect from the Lincoln quintets first full length.

‘Leaves of Legacy’ is a tremendous starting point for the next 33 minutes. It doesn’t draw too far away from the bands early material but instead builds on top of it with melody and consistent tempo changes. Vocalist Wes Thompson has extended his range and usually opts for a more rough singing style than a harsher delivery and incorporates more clean singing throughout this release. ‘Heaven (Is Only In My Head)’ went down a storm on the Beartooth tour with it’s anthemic feel and surging pace. “We spend our lives dreaming, wishing it all away”,  is a massive lyric that draws you into the track and sticks in your head with its meticulous and layered vocals. ‘Serpents From The Shadowland’ is one of the heavier tracks on the album with a head banging opening riff and Wes’ harsh bark combine to create a relentless offering that the band hasn’t really explored much, but finish the track with the clean and atmospheric elements that they have gone away and experimented with.

‘In The Heart of Man’ is almost devoid of all heaviness, instead the band deciding to write a more mature and thought out effort that still packs a punch with its simplicity and strong singing performance, the song features no ‘hardcore’ vocals at all, which makes for a pleasant change. But fear not melodic hardcore fans, ‘Cryptic’ bursts out the speakers and an ear pounding performance from Matt Powles on the skins also makes this one of the heavier efforts from Body Clocks. ‘Sundown’ is a 71 second interlude with clean guitars and soaring strings that build into the epic ‘Whole Hearted’. You can’t really feel the intensity or affect of this track without listening to the former first. There’s urgency in the vocals which are delivered with an emotional ferocity that compliments the instrumentation perfectly, one of the standout tracks from the album.

‘The Bigger Picture’ brings gang chants to the table and keeps on the idea that Climates are heading into writing these huge and epic songs like Whole Hearted and Leaves of Legacy. ‘Worlds Away’ has minimal guitar work in the verses but the drums are busy to keep the listeners attention as the band try to shy away slightly from everything being guitar driven, a less is more approach. ‘Realist’ is a combination of everything we’ve just heard and brings the previous 29 minutes full circle. It’s all here, the harsh vocal delivery, the atmospherics and elegant leads, the heaviness and the ‘epic’ element. As the song draws towards its close with a quiet break, the lyrics can take centre stage and are clearly what matter most at this point in the record.

This highly anticipated record was well worth the wait as it shows a band wanting  to grow and wanting to not be what people had pegged them to be, another melodic hardcore band. They’ve taken their time to make an album that will make them stand out from the rest, and we’re glad they did.