ALBUM: All Ears Avow – Get In The Game ★★★★☆

All Ears Avow - Get In The GameArtist: All Ears Avow

Album: Get In The Game

Release Date: 15/6/15

Label: Fences and Thieves Records

Getting your debut album right has never been more accurate of todays music scene, a scene that is over populated with bands with nowhere to play as venues left, right and centre are shutting its doors all over the country. All Ears Avow are a band that formed in 2013 and have released one EP, ‘Home’ and are set to release their debut album in a couple weeks. They’ve made a fan base and following from off their own backs by playing any show they could up and down the UK. Sometimes playing your hometown every other week can be damaging for bands, but having witnessed with our own eyes, that is not the case for the Wiltshire quartet who have rapidly gained momentum of late. But all this hard work will be to no avail if ‘Get In The Game’ fails to hit the mark, so lets see how good a shot they are.

‘I Must Be Dreaming…’ is a fragile and intriguing opening track, just lead singer Claire Sutton and her guitar. It’s a bold track to open the record with and one that pulls off, it instantly shows a delicacy in the music that hasn’t been shown before. ‘I Can Help You To Bend’ was recently released to positive feedback on social media and we can see why with the infectious guitar noodling at the start and use of the cowbell by drummer Sean Ivens. There’s a dancey vibe running through the veins of the verses which flows into the heart of the song with a dose of enormity in the choruses. ‘You’re Not Yourself’ completely threw us when we first heard it. A stomping beat and horns add a medieval tone to proceedings and carries on into a full on anthem that would fit in perfectly at this summers festivals. The verses build, the choruses are huge and the stomp and bounce propel the song into new territories. If you take away the horns and percussion and it becomes the heaviest track the band have written.

‘Along The Way’ has a Deaf Havana/We Are The Ocean feel to it in its mid tempo progression and melodic edge. The quiet/loud dynamic is prominent throughout Get In The Game and works to good effect on ‘Walls’. Once again it helps the sudden injected force in the opening bars of the choruses sound massive and that the walls, ahem, are about to fall down around you when listening to the song. Our only gripe so far is that the songs follow almost the same formula and pattern, luckily each song has that little something to draw it out from the mire of being repetitive and stagnant.

‘Waiting Games’ is possibly our favourite from the record, is it because it’s been out there on the web for couple months? Answer…no. It’s because it really is the best track the band have penned to date. The steady progression throughout with intricate playing from Jake Willcock and bass player Joe Bishop lead the guys into the biggest sing-a-long the South of England has to offer this summer. “There’s no waiting here, my feet are locked in place, I can’t keep running away” will ring out across the bands live dates this June proudly and loudly. Now time for the acoustic number, ‘Best Of Us’. A beautiful and subdued effort to break up the album. Closer ‘Tongue Tied’ has the feel of something special, it just feels like a closer, like it was meant to be. It has a more upbeat feel than a lot of the other songs more than likely due to the fact it floats along and has a rousing solo. In truth this is a record that gets better with each track and showcases more of the bands abilities as it goes along and highlights their ambitions they had for Get In The Game. It isn’t a bullseye but All Ears Avow have still hit a pretty good shot.