A Day To Remember announce live DVD for London show


A Day To Remember are making a night to remember for their upcoming show in London (yay for UK!) by recording a live DVD of the night, just in case you don’t remember it.

The show, which is part of their House Party tour, will see them throwing down and ripping shit up alongside UK boys Mallory Knox, The Story So Far and Every Time I Die.

Tickets are still available, I repeat, tickets are STILL available.

The band have recently faced some difficulty as their Cardiff show had to be cancelled due to our favourite beard, Jeremy McKinnon, falling ill. The band released as statement as soon as they got wind of the illness to alert fans. But fear not! The band are not bailing, but merely rescheduling.

The show will include songs from their newest album Common Courtesy which was released four months ago, but still continues to fly off the internet shelves.

The video was uploaded onto Facebook just yesterday. You can watch the video here !