5 Seconds of Summer: Redefining Pop Punk

5-seconds-of-summer-bb12-02-billboard-6505 Seconds of Summer have only released a single and an E.P. both named She Looks So Perfect, but the music world has really taken notice.

The teenage foursome from Sydney, Australia have been together since late 2011 and have won the hearts of many fans across the world with their catchy songs, their funny Instagram posts and their genuine love for their fans.

With their single and E.P. debuting at number 1 across the world including the UK, there has been much debate whether they are just another pop group or rightfully belong in a new age of pop punk.

Recently scoring a Kerrang! nomination for Best International Newcomer, waves of music listeners have dissed this decision and have not held their punches about it on social media sites simply dubbing them as “the new One Direction” and stating that 5SOS shouldn’t be covered by the magazine or considered to be in the genres that the magazine covers.

But what these commenters are forgetting is that 5SOS have achieved a lot in their short time as a band (with the oldest member being only 19) and in some cases, more than well-established bands in the pop-punk genre have done chart wise.

The band started as a lot seem to nowadays: on YouTube. Originally just a three piece of Luke Hemmings (lead vocals, lead guitar), Calum Hood (vocals, bass guitar) and Michael Clifford (vocals, guitar), the band only added drummer Ashton Irwin to the mix in December 2011 when they needed a drummer for a show.

Covering songs from Mayday Parade and All Time Low to Adele and Ed Sheeran, they supported their first major band Nashville pop rockers Hot Chelle Rae in late 2012 on their New Zealand and Australia leg of their Whatever World Tour.

After writing new material with McFly, Nick Hodgson from The Kaiser Chiefs and James Bourne from Busted, they went on to open for One Direction on their UK, US, New Zealand and Australian legs of their Take Me Home tour in 2013.

Now this is where all the One Direction comparisons start happening;  they are both bands of young men, they have achieved global success in a short space of time, and have elements of pop about their sound. However, 5 Seconds of Summer play all their own instruments, which puts them into a different category.

A clever move by 5sOS;  being on tour with one of the biggest boy bands in the world (One Direction), has not only given them the platform for them to achieve great success but has given the genre a platform to be shown to a younger audience.

When have you known a band in the genre to achieve such chart success and global fame in a short space of time?

They have come along way from their humble beginnings  from Sydney,  Australia. They have had sell out headlining tours in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia; they are set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards this month in America and have achieved praise from singers including Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low.

5 Seconds of Summer with Alex Gaskarth & Jack Barakat of All Time Low.
L – R: Calum Hood, Alex Gaskarth, Ashton Irwin, Jack Barakat, Michael Clifford & Luke Hemmings

Alex may be a bit biased after writing  and producing with the boys recently as well as the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte, who the band have stated that they are big influences on the band’s material.

With the group’s next single and E.P. Don’t Stop set to drop on the 15th June and their yet to be named debut album coming out at the end of the year, the sky is the limit for the young Aussies.

One might say they are making the pop punk genre accessible and mainstream; they are paving the way not only for a fresh new look to the genre but for a whole new generation of fans.

24 million views on their first official music video with Capitol Records in just 2 months is almost unheard of in the genre.

Say what you want to about them, but 5SOS may just be changing the music scene. They are redefining a whole new version of pop punk that will only evolve as times change.

The ingredients to a great pop-punk band is a great amount of personality, original writing, loud guitars, songs that could be easily played on the radio without losing the speed and attitude of the genre, passion and a lot of love.

And this, my friends, is 5 Seconds of Summer to a T.

We here at Hit The Scene are 110% behind these adorable pop-punkers and are extremely proud of their recent successes. They are always welcome here!