5 Seconds of Summer – Don’t Stop (E.P.) ★★★★☆

dont-stop-landing-bg-2 Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer

E.P. : Don’t Stop

Release date: 15/06/2014

Label: Capitol Records


The Aussie teenagers are back with their second E.P., Don’t Stop,  after their incredible number 1 debut in both the UK album and single charts with She Looks So Perfect earlier this year.

After touring and promoting non-stop this year, the hard work appears to be paying off for 5 Seconds of Summer with worldwide success and winning over fans such as All Time Low‘s Alex Gaskarth, Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz and the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte.

This 4 track beauty of an E.P. is just a small taste of what is to come from their debut self-titled album, which will be released next month.

Starting with their second single Don’t Stop, it’s a bit different from the rest of the album as it isn’t the familiar radio sound we are used to.

With frontman Luke Hemmings and bass guitarist Calum Hood taking the vocals for this number normally, we are treated to drummer Ashton Irwin‘s demo vocal track for this track. The song is catchy, fun and full of energy; but with Ashton’s pure vocals on the track a whole new energy is created.

Pop-punk sounding, guitar crashing Rejects is a much heavier sound than we used to the group, but this solidly puts their music in the pop rock and pop punk genre. With dark lyrics about feeling like an outcast, Rejects is a stand out track showing where the boys are transporting their sound to and this excites us here at HTS!

Next comes the remastered but drum heavy classic Try Hard that fans from the YouTube days will recognise. With its soft guitar teamed up with all four boys’ perfect vocal harmonies, it’s just a perfect tune that will get everyone singing the words by the end of the track (WARNING: It’s extremely hard to get it out of your head!)

Wrapped Around Your Finger shows another side to the band’s ever-developing sound with a pop-punk ballad, which really punches you in the gut with guitarist Michael Clifford‘s raw vocals teamed with Luke’s incredible effortless vocals.

Being so used to Luke and Calum taking care of the main vocals, throwing Michael and potentially Ashton in the mix is an exciting prospect and could really change the sound of the band, taking it to a whole other level,

This E.P. really gives off a huge teaser of how their debut album is going to pan out: full of surprises, incredibly catchy pop-punk songs and leaving their critics in the dust.