5 reasons to ram the new While She Sleeps album in your ears

BrainwashedArtist: While She Sleeps

Album: Brainwashed

Release Date: 20/3/15

Label: Sony

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Sold out tours, a critically acclaimed debut album, slots on the Kerrang Tour and Warped Tour US, everything had been going the way of Sheffield’s own While She Sleeps for the past few years. However disaster struck, the strain of constant touring and partying took its toll on vocalist Lawrence ‘Loz’ Taylor and he was forced to undergo surgery on his throat. Even after this alarming wake up call he didn’t take the resting period post surgery too seriously, continuing to go out to the pub and drinking instead of taking it steady and not talking too much. It appears there was a moment between the quintet that eventually did open his eyes and they’ve channelled their frustrations into new album Brainwashed.

1. Loz’s Vocals.
Everybody has been waiting for this moment for a while now, to finally hear how the frontman’s voice sounds now. At Reading & Leeds Festival in the summer he was clearly struggling but need not to worry as he sounds rawer and more visceral than ever.

2. Riff after riff after riff.
From previous releases we knew the bands guitarists Sean Long and Mat Welsh had the ability to write enormous and groove laden riffs, but they’ve outdone anything they’ve ever done especially on the title track with an insane As I Lay Dying-esque ending that blew us away.

3. Interludes.
Brainwashed isn’t all about the heavy with three beautifully crafted interludes that break up the sequencing perfectly with just the right balance.

4. They’ve written their biggest anthem yet.
If you thought ‘Seven Hills’ ‘Our Courage, Our Cancer’ couldn’t be outdone then check out the incredible ‘Our Legacy’. You have to listen to ‘We Are Alive At Night’ first to get the full effect of this triumphant and uniting anthem.

5. The lyrics hit you hard.
“Everybody dies with a debt, we all die for a life that we fear we will only forget” from ‘Four Walls’ is one of the honest and chilling lines the band have penned. Themes of uniting and change are ever present throughout the record and look set to connect fans and band together closer than ever before.

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