5 bands to watch at Download 2013

Ah Download, you never disappoint us with your rain and your mud and your drunk people. Oh, and the bands.

But there’s no need to rack your brain about who to go and watch this year, you can just carry on drinking, because we have it covered.

1.  The Wild Lies

Saturday 15th June, 11.40am – 12.05pm, Red Bull Stage

Glam-rockin’ Londoners akin to Reckless Love, these boys haven’t been around a year and already landed themselves a slot at Download; pretty impressive.

2. In This Moment

Friday 14th June, 5.05pm – 5.35pm, Pepsi Max Stage

Can this girl scream or what. Maria Brink’s can’t-be-tamed vocal style makes for an incredible show, especially to those not expecting her lethal voice. Their new video for ‘Adrenalize’ is stylised to perfection

3. Heaven’s Basement

Saturday 15th June, 11.50am – 12.15pm, Zippo Encore Stage

Hard rockin’ boys with punk sensibilities, HB are nothin’ but a good time. Plus they supported the Darkness once and you trust Justin Hawkins opinion don’t you?

4. Fearless Vampire Killers

Friday 14th June, 9.40pm – 10.10pm, Red Bull Stage

Establishing their place in the hierachry of rock, FVK were much further down the bill last year, and now return to headline the Red Bull stage. If makeup and costumes make the man, then FVK are the manliest men around. A stage performance reminiscent of My Passion, they’ll be sweating off their and your slap in no time.

5. I Divide

Saturday 15th June, 11am – 11.25am, Zippo Encore Stage

Their new single is bitchin’ and there isn’t enough music coming out of Exeter…