5 bands to watch at Alt-Fest 2014


As the festival season of 2014 is drawing to a disheartening close, lone tents, empty beer cans and mud soaked wellies scatter the fields in a tumbleweed-esque manner,  Alt-Fest is born.

Nursed by mother Missy and father d.aVoid, this baby is taking her first steps and we have been lucky enough to be invited to the party.

Alt-Fest’s seven unique stages will be home to a remarkable 180 bands spread across the weekend voted by you, for you. Alt-Fest offers an entire festival experience right in the heart of Northamptonshire.

However, this all singing, all dancing festival isn’t just that. With circus, burlesque and theatre performances, there really is something for everyone. And for those little ‘uns who are only slightly older than the newborn festival itself, Alt-Fest even offers a child friendly ‘zone’ along with food and soft drinks to cater to their every need.

But for those who DO care about the music (we know there’s alot of ya) here’s our pick of our five fave bands you should check out:


WilliamControl-2014Artist: William Control

Stage: Industrial Stage

Day: Friday



Singer, songwriter, author and producer, there appears to be no rest for the wicked mind of William Francis as William Control take to the Industrial stage on the Friday.

Starting as a mere side project to Aiden (remember them?) Wil Francis took matters and music into his own tattooed hands as he wondered away from the punk rock road of Aiden, and took the journey along the road less travelled, and quite frankly we couldn’t be more thankful. Fronted by Wil Francis himself, we loyally followed as William Control ventured down the dark alleyways of new music and we, nor them, have ever looked back.

Dripping with goth and oozing with a flattering combination of charisma and hair gel, William Control’s darkwave-synthpop electronic sound continues to blow minds and gain new fans with every passing performance.

Having toured with Escape The Fate and The Used, produced Fearless Vampire Killers second album, and featured on records including Silverstein, The Used and Blood on the Dance Floor. William Control are certainly living up to their ‘live fast’ mantra. And you Alt-Fest attendees will be lucky enough to catch them at the peak of their European Punishment Tour.

Living up to their horror-style theme, William Control have also contributed to several soundtracks, including 2008’s Saw V with ‘Strangers’, 2009’s Underworld:Rise Of The Lycons and more recently Underworld:Awakening in 2012.

Four successful albums, two EP’s and one live DVD, William Control have certainly proven that they have a lot to give and we won’t stop taking. ‘Please sir, can we have some more?’ Yes, yes we can.

Fearless Vampire Killers

 Artist: Fearless Vampire Killers

Stage: Main Stage

Day: Saturday



Their extensive collection of hair products and black eyeliner is almost as on-going as their passion for music and fiercely loyal fanbase (teen girls, we’re looking at you).

Forming in 2008, these Suffolk boys have come a long way from their home in Waveney Valley. They had not only bagged themselves a headlining spot on Download’s Red Bull stage in 2013, released their first concept album ‘Miltia of the Lost’ to a smothering response of ass-kicking reviews, but also have recently launched their own social media Obsidian Bond.

Joint vocalists and guitarists Lawrence and Kier act as the pretty faces of the band, whilst bassist Drew and lead guitarist by night, band’s artist by day Cyrus Barrone, all tied together by Luke’s on-point drumming technique packs quite the punch, it’s not difficult to see why their fanbase are so dedicated.

Last year saw the boys move from strength to strength as they found themselves supporting Black Veil Brides, and Madina Lake on their legendary Farewell Tour. If last year’s progress is anything to go by, we won’t be saying farewell to them any time soon.

And this year isn’t looking any quieter as they have already performed an electric and an acoustic set as this years Camden Rocks. And they’re set for even bigger things as they have earned themselves a much deserved spot on Alt-Fest’s impressive lineup.

Fearless? Yes. Vampires? As pale as. Killers? You can be the judge of that by finding out for yourselves as they mercilessly slay the main stage on Saturday.



 Artist: Bad Pollyanna

Stage: S.O.P.H.I.E Stage

Day: Friday



As beauty intertwines with darkness and reflects itself in the twist and turns of alternative rock and electric sounds, Bad Pollyanna are the definition of an oxymoron, and opposites certainly do attract in this whirlwind romance.

Fronted by the stunning Olivia Hyde, her vocals are reflective of her dark beauty in Yorkshire’s answer to Amy Lee. Combine her vocal talent with bassist Nikki Kontinen, guitarist Stephen Kilpatrick and Valerian Adore on drums and you’ve got yourself a damn good band.

Not only are they creating music for our ears but also our eyes as they have recently released their own unique makeup brand Illamasqua in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

This summer the band will be joining the previously mentioned William Control on their European Punishment Tour.

But if their appearance, unique sound and smoking hot voice of Olivia Hyde wasn’t enough, sharing a stage with Fearless Vampire Killers has certainly helped in gaining them a pretty fearless cult following themselves.

Their debut album Monstrous Child  tells the story of an innocent young woman’s desperation as she falls in love with an insane scientist who is trying to reincarnate his true love, but ends up creating a monster.

BP are spreading their wings and flying far from their North West home, and now you can be lucky enough to catch them at Alt-Fest 2014.



 Artist: The One Hundred

Stage: Metal Stage

Day: Saturday



London born and bred four piece may only have been making music for two years, but have stormed onto the scene with the same amount of passion and exhilaration as those with years of experience under their belts.

With their Enter Shikari-esque combo of electronic and rock supporting the cockney rap vocals of frontman Jacob Field creates the definition of a new generation of British music.

But these boys are far from new to the music scene. With three of the members having previously played in Collapse The Ashes, they were led to a sad but inevitable end after their last performance on The Red Bull Stage at Hevy Fest 2012. But the sombre cloud of CTA’s end, only produced the most shimmering silver lining in the form of The One Hundred.

Now they are playing festivals, selling out shows and receiving airplay from Radio 1, this and are set for much bigger and better things, and you can witness them on the Metal Stage the Saturday of Alt-Fest.

Artist: Marilyn Manson



Stage: Main Stage

Day: Saturday 




As glamorous as Monroe and as sinister as Charles, Marilyn Manson is BACK, and we cannot fuckin’ wait.

Thanks to Alt-Fest’s massive Christmas announcement, Marilyn Manson have confirmed that headlining Alt-Fest will be their only UK festival performance of 2014, and every man, woman and their dog are gonna want to witness this one.

Marilyn Manson completely dominated music of the 90’s with their 1996 record Anti Christ Super Star and 1998’s Mechanical Animals with hit after hit and are finally back to show us all what we’ve been missing after much anticipation.

These hugely controversial musicians are more than all talk as the freaky face of the band, Brian Hughes, has experienced first hand trauma and tragedy in his own personal life which he projects through his music as the voice of understanding in his own right. The man’s best mates with Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor and has his own brand of absinthe for chris’sakes, what’s not to love.

Their eye popping, mind blowing, ear deafening music went from strength to strength when it came to pissing people off, but love em or hate em these Marmite musicians are here to show the UK exactly where they’ve been hiding as they crawl out of the deepest darkest pits to put on the show of the entire weekend.


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